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Independent Monitoring Solution for Rooms and Equipment

Low-cost. Low-tech. Long-term.

The most 'hands-free' monitoring technology available for pharmacies and clinical sites.

Low investment cost for long-term device with exchangeable standard batteries.

Automated compliance

Automated compliance

No more manual min/max lists and losing your data.

Switch to automatic 'hands-free' reporting and uninterrupted data.

100% compliance for pharmacies and clinical sites.

Spend more time with your customers

Up and running in minutes.

Self-powered, no internet needed. Easy operation and reporting.


See how easy it is to setup, operate and start reporting


  • Easy installation, uninterrupted measurement
    chain through wireless communication
  • Audio-visual alarming
  • Dedicated reports for pharmacies, clinical sites
    and laboratories assuring simple processes
  • 100% compliant, worldwide.


LIBERO W comes pre-configured according to your needs.

But if you want to look closer at your data, create and adjust configurations, this section is for you.


If you need a temperature monitoring device independent of internet, network or charger but 100 % pharma compliant and safe, you should order a sustainable monitoring solution for rooms and equipment LIBERO W.

LIBERO W includes a base station, stand, sensor (with internal NTC and buffer memory), 5 AAA alkaline batteries, and safety information. You will also receive a link to download the calibration certificate, operation manual and watch informative tutorial videos.

The LIBERO W is a data logger that uses a wireless radio signal to transfer data from sensor to base station (type 2.4 GHz sophisticated low energy).

Delivery time depends on the quantity being purchased and on your location. Contact your local sales office for more information or leave us a message.

Under normal operating conditions, the wireless range is up to 10 meters (32 feet).

Just connect the base station via integrated USB cable to the USB port of your PC and a PDF report will be generated. You can choose between Daily Min/Max Report with a daily status or Status Report for the time period since last alarm acknowledgement. All Data Report can be added. No temperature list needs to be done manually. All information you will need to decide on quality of your goods is available anytime.

ELPRO always offers technical support by phone. Depending on your location, check-up and calibration services are also offered. Leave us a message or click here to view a map of offices worldwide.

You can download the operation manual for the LIBERO W here.





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